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Come along to the official launch 25.01.23

A Night at the Museum - The Evolution of Opuz as a CAFM Solution

Amongst the Dodo bird and dinosaur bones of The Natural History Museum, Oxford, we will help you discover the future of Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and present the birth of Opuz into a fully fledged standalone solution.

A Night at the Museum  - The Evolution of Opuz as a CAFM Solution

Why Opuz?

Are you tired of struggling to manage your facility's maintenance and operations? Do you want a solution that can streamline your processes and keep everything organised in one place? If so, you won't want to miss the launch of Opuz, the software solution that is revolutionising the way facility management work. With its powerful tools for scheduling planned preventative maintenance and integrating all your assets and documentation, Opuz is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their facility management to the next level. Join us to celebrate the evolution of Opuz and see how it can help you improve your operations.

About the Opuz Software Solution

OPUZ has for over 10 years supported and given greater visibility to compliance requirements, with a primary goal of reducing health and safety risks across a facilities portfolio.

This event marks a significant milestone for both Opuz and the wider facilities management sector, with the mature solution being sold and supported independently for the first time.

With the ability to review progress at any point, Opuz links all efforts, assets, IoT and documentation into one cohesive whole and with its roots in risk management it fills the gaps often left by alternative CAFM solutions.

It helps organisations manage their properties more efficiently and effectively, while also reducing risks associated within the building infrastructure. Key features of our solution include:

  • Reactive helpdesk
  • Mobile Workforce Solution (Android and iOS)
  • Scheduling of planned preventative maintenance
  • Compliance and risk control
  • Estate and asset lifecycle management
  • Custom Reports and Analysis
  • AI and IoT smart building integration

Once you witness the evolution of Opuz, we are confident you'll consign the rest to history.

*Future exciting updates and incentives will continue to be added to this page.


A Calculated Risk

01 December 2022

Opuz is a software provider of a computer-aided facilities management (CaFM) system which emphasises on risk management. Our bespoke software helps businesses optimise the management of their physical assets, including building maintenance, utilities, and other facilities-related tasks.

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