• Clear thinking made visible
Clear thinking made visible

Opuz - A solution to meet every challenge

Opuz software has evolved from a simple health and safety compliance tool to a comprehensive facilities management system (CaFM). A web-based platform that fully integrates with workforce, facilities and documents you control, it will handle just about every challenge you present it and become the solution you've been looking for.

Compliance & Risk Management

A software solution that supports every aspect of estates compliance. Helping you to efficiently identify and mitigate risk, saving time and resources.

Reactive Helpdesk

The reactive helpdesk allows you to quickly log and address any urgent maintenance or repair issues. These can be raised by anyone using your building or limited by you to your preferred team of users.

Planned Maintenance

With integrated calendar views and route planning you can ensure all tasks can be scheduled effectively for your workforce. Reminders can be set so you never miss a task or turn up unannounced.

Reports & Analytics

Custom reports and dashboards features will provide your  organisation with valuable insights and data-driven decision making capabilities, helping you to better understand and optimise your operations.

For capturing and recording task information

A mobile workforce solution

The OPUZ mobile application allows your workforce to easily access and complete job assignments on the go, streamlining communication and increasing productivity.

Estate & Asset lifecycle management

Utilising the data within the system, Opuz can help you manage the operation, maintenance, and lifecycle reporting of physical assets and real estate to optimise use and maximise return on investment.

Maintain all your documents in a single platform

Document Control

Our software solution effectively manages document control, including generating alerts when a review or update is required, recording audit outcomes, creating reports, tracking results, and providing certification from third party providers/contractors to meet your statutory obligations.

AI and Smart Building Integration

Opuz smart building integration automates and provides real-time remote monitoring and alerts, enhances the safety and security of your buildings and helps your organisation work towards net zero carbon emissions.

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