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Remote monitoring for your building...It just makes Sense.

Remote monitoring from Opuz SENSE offers all you need to capture, report and act on information from any aspect of your buildings infrastructure. Offering a number of advantages to traditional manual data capture...It just makes Sense.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Live Hazard Alerts

Alerts sent by email to the right person for a quick response.

Dashboard & Reports

Online dashboard to visualise data & important trends.


Automatic data capture eliminates risk of human error or staff absences.

Carbon Reduction

Remote monitoring reduces site visits & supports Net Zero targets.

Streamline Your Existing Building Systems with Opuz CaFM Integration

Whilst Opuz have developed their own hardware and ecosystem we will continue to be open to integration from other solutions. You can take advantage of Opuz original devices or you can seamlessly map data with your existing IoT remote systems providing they are API or webhooks compatible.

By integrating your existing devices into the Opuz ecosystem, you can optimise the efficiency of your remote monitoring sensors, gain a clear overview of data about your building systems, and track tasks and follow-ups that need to be carried out.

Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of Opuz CaFM Solution without having to replace your existing infrastructure. This can save you time and money while improving the overall performance of your building systems.

Opuz Sense - Remote Temperature Monitoring

Opuz Sense is excited to announce their first device development, temperature monitoring for your building's water system.

As an IoT (Internet of Things) ready platform, this remote monitoring solution meets statutory requirements and provide temperature monitoring and anti-stagnation (flushing) capabilities.

With further building monitoring devices & integrations to come, you'll increasingly feel the benefit of a fully integrated system rather than juggling multiple portals for multiple devices.



Using the power of Opuz to deliver the reporting and analysis of data you can have the peace of mind that we deliver:

  • Accurate Readings
  • Meaningful Reporting
  • Ongoing Risk Analysis and Real Time Alerts
  • Trend Analysis/Analytic interpretation of data
  • Interactive Charts and Graphs


  • LoRa or WiFI communication
  • Daisy chaining capabilities - deliver savings
  • Devices/Nodes battery life +3 Years
  • If battery runs out data is still stored so you never lose it
  • Hub is mains powered. Communicate via inbuilt 4G or ethernet
  • Live data is available for 1 year minimum and archived for seven years

Setup & Support

Comprehensive, and complementary training programme is available for staff involved in the planning & deployment of Opuz IoT and in the use of Opuz Software Solution for IoT Remote Monitoring.

Training will be onsite and backed up with useful resources and Training Guides.



The Complete Legionella Management Solution

Opuz SENSE temperature devices enable you to…

Rather than manually taking & collating your temperature readings to demonstrate compliance, use the Opuz cloud platform to login and view all temperature readings taken from Opuz SENSE devices.

Opuz SENSE devices provide continuous protection against Legionella bacterial growth by immediately alerting you via the Opuz platform or through email or mobile notifications. Unlike traditional temperature monitoring methods which may only detect at risk water temperatures on a weekly or monthly basis Opuz SENSE provides 24/7 protection.

Given the concerns of increased Legionella risk due to reduced occupancy during Covid-19 lockdowns, continual temperature monitoring offers reassurance that landlords or facilities managers will be immediately notified of any growth conditions in a system and can promptly take remedial actions.

Continuous temperature monitoring not only detects potential conditions for Legionella outbreaks, but also helps diagnose issues with hot water systems such as failure to reach required temperatures and thermal loss or gain.


Purchasing Sense

Device as a Service Pricing Plan

Minimise outlay and increase support of buying decision with “Device as a Service” DaaS.

Zero setup costs

Benefit from monthly service plans which include:

  • Setup of devices

  • Software

  • Training and ongoing Calibration checks (6 monthly)

  • Replacement/Servicing of devices

  • Ongoing Representative Temp Monitoring where applicable.

Opuz offer flexible purchasing options and we are happy to discuss any individual requirements. Prices may vary depending based on volume.


Register your interest in a trial.

By registering your interest for a trial of Opuz SENSE you will not only receive a fully functional system to utilise within your estate but your anonymised data will help shape research in remote monitoring applications for tomorrow.

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